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I am rather early on into my research journey, but I have already found quite a few wonderful resources which I’m sure will see me through to the end.  A lot of the following are useful for undergrad and MA study too, and I used a couple of them during the former, and the majority during the latter.  I hope that this rather brief post offers some assistance to current or future researchers. Placeholder Image

1. Worldcat offers a database which features over 2 billion items in libraries around the world.  It’s a great resource for searching the work of a particular author, or finding out if a particular book which you have your eye on is in a branch nearby.

2. Google Books has a plethora of useful texts for almost any project.  Whilst a lot of the electronic books which it offers are only available as partial views, it’s a good tool for finding which books will be useful to you going forward.

3. JSTOR is a database which I’m sure most people in education will have heard of, and more than likely used at some point.  It features academic journals and books, and you can sign in through your institution to look at almost anything they hold.

4. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is a platform which is much like an encyclopaedia.  You can search for any person or event, and a handy menu on the left hand side leads you to other things which you might find of use or interest.

5. EThOS is a thesis database offered by the British Library.  You can search for anything in their database of 400,000 doctoral theses, and can either download or order a scanned copy of the useful results.

6. ProQuest also offers an enormous database for finding theses worldwide, and currently boast 2.3 million distinct essays which you can peruse at your leisure.


A lot of Universities will also have a list of databases which it recommends, as well as unrestricted access with your academic login.  A few of those I wanted to link to (LION, for instance) required logins, so I have removed them from this list for now.  Which are your favourite research resources at present?


4 thoughts on “Useful Resources

  1. I had never heard of Wordcat, it looks SO promising, thank you! I personally tend to mostly use Jstor, Literature Resource Center and ProQuest for my master’s thesis at the moment, and I’m very glad my university does give me unrestricted access to them.


  2. That’s a great and very useful resource list, Kirsty! I wasn’t aware of EThOS, so thank you for introducing it to me 🙂 I use Project MUSE quite frequently as well, though I mostly rely on my uni’s database results so far :/


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