Finding the Time to Write pt. 2


Hi there! I’m Katie by the way. I thought I would do a quick response to Kirsty’s blog post. She stated that ‘it’s been a week’ since her last post and well… I haven’t even posted yet. Just like Kirsty, I am so very busy at the moment. I’m stuck within the deep depths of early research and proposal writing for my BA dissertation, and I have stacks of library books languishing in various corners of my bedroom. I’m currently about 800 words into the 2000 word requirement and with the help of endless cups of coffee, I’m pushing through.

I will definitely get around to telling you a little more about my research project once I’ve got it a bit straighter in my head but so far I can tell you that it involves Eliza Haywood, Aphra Behn, sex, and the act of reading. Oh such fun.

My posts here may be a little thin on the ground until Christmas (because of dissertation and german exams – yeah, I do that too) but hopefully I’ll get a couple up ASAP including some academic book reviews and the elusive introduction to my project.

Until then, remember: patience is a virtue. 😉


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