Writing: An Update

I have written approximately 2,100 words of my thesis to date.  I am fully aware that such a word count is just a drop in the ocean in comparison to my 100,000 word-long finished piece, but it feels like a great start, particularly after not really knowing when to begin the writing process!

The essay which I have written, and which was set by my supervisors (who seem incredibly relaxed about the fact that I need to submit a 10,000 word piece come April), relates a Laura Berman essay about the public and private sphere to two of my chosen primary texts – Night and Day by Virginia Woolf, and The Divine Fire by May Sinclair.  In it, I argue that both protagonists – Katharine Hilbery and Lucia Harden respectively – are able to enter specific male-dominated spheres within the home.

I have greatly enjoyed the writing process, and whilst I’m unsure as to whether it will form any part of my final piece, it is reassuring to know that such an essay can be researched and written to a good standard within just a couple of days.

How are you getting on with your writing?  Have you been able to extend any short essays to work within your full piece?

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One thought on “Writing: An Update

  1. That sounds wonderful! I’ve read neither of those novels but I do own them, I should pick them up soon because I’m all for women entering male spheres :p Over the holidays I somehow wrote a 5000 word essay on the connection between language, time, space, and religious-like community formation in There but for the, and I do hope part of it will be useful for my master’s thesis… although I’m not sure yet either.

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