A Plethora of Deadlines: or, Dissertation Drama Pt. 3


Firstly, I would like to apologise for the distinct gap between my updates. If you hadn’t already guessed by this post’s title, my lack of updates might have something to do with my complete abundance of deadlines. People have been saying from the beginning that the final year of an undergraduate degree is hard. They’re not wrong. I have deadlines upon deadlines to keep on top of, while simultaneously trying to update this blog, my own beauty blog, my German revision, my masters application, and my *gasp* social life. Something was going to have to take a hit and unfortunately it was this. Again, I do apologise.

My dissertation deadline is fast approaching (12th April) and I am starting to feel the pressure. I haven’t actually touched my dissertation in about a week (due to said deadlines) and so I’m quite anxious about returning to it and actually… you know… having to finish it. Fortunately, after this Wednesday, I have a completely clear schedule for the final two week run up and so shall be dedicating 99.9% of my time to finishing some kind of coherent project. Word count wise, I’m only actually about half way through but as you’ll know if you’ve completed a dissertation, most of your time is spent not actually writing anything. Despite the fact that I haven’t looked at it in seven days, I’m at the point now where I’m pretty sure I could sit down and write it all out in a few hours. The jury’s still out on whether that would actually be a good idea.

So, despite my low word count, I’m feeling confident about my project. It has taken some definite twists and turns since its primary conception (to be expected) but I’m feeling good about where I’m headed and where I might end up in two weeks time. I will admit that this update now seems wholly pointless but it feels good to get my feelings out in a post and begin looking forward in terms of actually getting the thing finished. See you on the other side…




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