APR: An Update

I should, fingers crossed, be able to submit my piece for my first year APR (Annual Progress Report) shortly.  I have just sent it to my supervisor ahead of a meeting next week, and am feeling so positive about it.  Please bear in mind that it’s the first time I’ve written a piece of close reading since my A Levels, but I surprised myself by very much enjoying the process.

From the Royal Academy of Arts

Rather than focus upon my first chapter, I have chosen to begin my thesis with my second chapter, in which I am writing about Katherine Mansfield and Ali Smith’s short stories.  The entire conglomeration of reading and writing has been wonderful and enlightening, and I’m already convinced that it is going to be my favourite chapter to write within my entire thesis.  It’s standing at 17,500 words (almost exactly) at present, and I’m really pleased with my first year’s output thus far.

As soon as my piece has been submitted, I am so looking forward to heading home for a couple of weeks for Easter, and taking a little holiday whilst I’m at it.  Afterwards, I should – hopefully – have far more time to blog, so if you have any questions to ask about the first year of my PhD, please feel free to put them in the comments.


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