An academic blog set up by Katie and Kirsty in October 2016 to track the progress of two thesis projects, which focus upon women writers and female characters.

Katie    BA; University of Hertfordshire (third year)12795557_1043446099027501_8772067059310274915_n

Project: Gender, Genre and Sexual Agency in the work of Eliza Haywood and Aphra Behn. I am looking into women’s amatory fiction of the long eighteenth century and asking whether readers can be seen as willingly complicit in the trickery and sexual transgression of characters (and authors) of Love in Excess, Fantomina, and The Rover.

Other research interests: 18th/19th century German women’s writing, Emily Dickinson, female friendships, sexuality, feminist discussions of psychoanalysis.

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Kirsty   PhD; University of Glasgow (first year) 13040886_10153535661758663_5508057031110645944_o

Project: ‘Madness and Modernism’.  I am reading of a selection of modernist women writers of the 1910s and 1920s (Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield, May Sinclair, and Dorothy Richardson) through the developing discourses of psychiatry and neuroscience of the period.  I am looking into the female mind, and how the inner and outer representations of a female are demonstrated in selected novels by the above authors.

Other research interests: the Victorians, the Deep South and race riots in the mid-twentieth century, Daphne du Maurier, gender and sexuality, people and the cityscape, the New Woman, Arctic exploration.

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